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One tonne of CO2 weighs about the same as an adult polar bear! The average carbon footprint is 5 metric tonnes per person per year.

Our mission is to stop climate change - effectively and quickly - and we’re inviting you to rethink verified carbon offsets as a mechanism to become truly carbon-neutral ASAP.

Hempoffset is the first true carbon offset and sequestration product that supports businesses and individuals with their efforts to go carbon neutral in near real-time. Our method: Industrial hemp, grown at scale with our carbon measurement and offset platform, supplying the best quality carbon credits in the world to Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Hempoffset carbon offsets are:

- Additional: Removing excess CO2.

- Validated, Verified, and Certified by the Department of Agriculture, Ireland.

- Fully considered: Only net gains are sold.

- Permanently and safely sequestering CO2.

- Used to produce hempcrete for carbon-zero private and commercial buildings.

Co-benefits of industrial hemp include helping pollinators thrive, bees and other insects; environmental justice by redistributing value; better for the environment with no need for herbicides or pesticides; and significant job creation. 80,000 jobs could be created in Ireland alone. The global hemp industry is booming, since decriminalization of industrial hemp in the USA in 2018.

Businesses and individuals use our platform to measure, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint. Offset the business, the project, or the activity by the metric tonne, with guaranteed, additional, permanent sequestration of the target carbon footprint.

We’re teaming up with Irish farmers and aim to grow 100 hectares of industrial hemp in 2022, as part of our XPRIZE Carbon Removal participation. 

The 100 hectares will result in a net carbon inventory of 1,295mt of carbon dioxide, which we now offer for sale. Our inventory is fully considered, meaning that all emissions generated by growing, harvesting, and processing the crop will be subtracted. The entire process is validated and verified by the Irish Government’s Department of Agriculture. In addition, on our verification platform, you’ll be able to see the crops, meet the growers and get info on what the crop is used for. This will be hempcrete - locking away the carbon dioxide for centuries while providing a natural, long-lasting, net-zero construction and insulation material, for retrofit or new build.

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You can buy as many tons as you like, to cover all members of your family, to offset business activities, or to go carbon neutral or carbon negative. Just add to basket then increase quantity.